Product Group:

All members

  • Aareplast AG

    plastics solutions for:
    • switch disconnectors
    • circuit-breakers
    • vacuum disconnectors
    • insulation components
    • relais
    • signalisation
    • plug connector
    • housings in tunnel
    Requirements for railway engineering plastics:
    • surface leakage resistance
    • heat resistance
    • weather resistance
    • flame resistance
    • chemical resistance
  • ABB Schweiz AG

    • On-board converters
    • Traction transformers
    • Low voltage components
    • Traction motors
    • Semiconductors
    • Surge arrestors
    • Turbochargers
    • Railway power systems studies
    • AC traction substations for both 16.7 Hz and 50 Hz applications
    • DC traction substations
    • Static frequency converter stations and power quality systems
    • Composite projects for railway infrastructure
    • Substation automation and SCADA-systems 
  • Aebi Schmidt Holding AG

    • Snow clearing systems for railways
    • automotive high-performance snow blower
    • shunted high-performance snow blower
    • snow clearing concepts for multipurpose track vehicle
      • snow blower heads
      • snow ploughs
      • rail track and switch sweeper
      • slewing and lifting mechanism
      • drive unit for attachments
      • clear view windows rotating
  • Airex Composite Structures

    Design and manufacture of aero dynamical drivers' cabins in glass reinforced plastics as well as sandwich roofs and floors for railway vehicles.


    • All types of high-voltage disconnectors, also for contact lines, disconnectors for movable substations
    • Quick coupling connectors for 3 kV and 25 kV, silicon terminations and busline assemblies for high speed train systems
  • ALSTOM (Schweiz) AG

  • ANNAX Schweiz AG

    Mobile online passenger information systems (Displays, automatic announcement, online communication) for railway operators.

  • APS electronic AG


    • Static converter, auxiliary power converter, battery charger, power supply
  • Arthur Flury AG


    • Material for overhead contact lines
    • Conical couplings and collar sockets
    • Catenary suspension, Clamps
    • Messenger- and contact wire insulators
    • Section insulators and Phase-Break-Systems, Material for earthing
  • Bacher AG

    Bacher AG develops and produces complete customer-specific solutions for integrated systems and sub-systems components of varying complexity for the rail industry. As a project oriented company, we offer our customers a complete service ranging from consulting, development, production, assembly to individual logistics solutions.

    Our main product groups (in accordance with EN 15380-2):

    • Staircases for double-decker trains (also with maintenance openings)
    • Interior paneling
      • Ceiling systems
      • Bulkhead paneling
      • Machine room paneling
    • Partitions and intermediate combined floor & ceiling
    • Exterior fittings
      • Roof covering
      • Exterior trimming
    • Tables
    • Luggage racks
    • Interior lighting concepts
      • Passenger compartment lighting
      • Cockpit lighting
      • Emergency lighting
    • Inner doors
      • Cockpit door
      • Machine room door
    • Additional facilities
      • Waste containers
      • Ski racks
      • Bicycle holders
      • Ticket vending machines
      • Sanitary installations
      • Maintenance and apparatus hatches
    • Project management for complete train interior systems
  • Bächli AG

    We develop and manufacture especially energy-efficient solutions. Special as a system supplier for railway applications, we offer an extensive know-how and engineering potential.
    • Single and three phase AC reactors, DC chokes
    • Filter for electrical systems and static frequency converter
    • Transformers for rolling good and steady-state operation
    • Network isolation transformers in protection class 2 for coupled rail networks
    • Points heating transformers
    • 16.7Hz frequency converter / 22Hz / 50Hz, in both directions
    • Power supply of DC circuits and battery charging
    • Long distance transmission AC and DC for signaling and energy supply along the train tracks
    • Adjustable Multi-voltage power test equipment for a stand-alone operation, DC and AC 50Hz and 16.7Hz generation, suitable stationary operation of 15kV-powered locomotives, Railcars and passenger cars
    • EMC power filter technology for low-frequency harmonics
    • Solenoids and toroids for Umrichterbetriebe
    • Electrical voltage stabilizers for older vehicles
    • UPS technology in AC and DC power range
  • Bär Bahnsicherung AG

    • Studies and preliminary projects
    • Development projects
    • Outline projects / planning approval documentation
    • Implementation projects, system design
    • Overall project planning
    • Installation, pre-service testing and putting into operation
    • Safety verification and audits
    • Expert reports
  • Basler & Hofmann


    • Supervision of works
    • Site logistics
    • Planning and control
    • Planning of superstructure, underground engineering
    • Design
    • Tendering and tender evaluation
    • Design review
  • Baumer Management Services AG

    For many years Baumer has been a reliable partner for the rail industry. Durable, cost-effective standard sensors in robust housings with proven sealing designs, sensor technology matched to a specific application and industry-standard qualification are as much part of the wide ranging product portfolio as customer-oriented new developments for every conceivable sensor application in rail transport technology.
    • Multi-channel axle encoder for speed measurement (ETCS / WSP / Traction / Speed)
    • Speed Pickup sensors
    • Pressure control (sensors, switches)
    • Pressure indication and monitoring (Gauges mechanically and electrically)
    • Level control in water and wastewater tanks
    • Temperature sensors
    • Distance measurement (Laser / Ultrasonic)
    • Presence detection (Inductive / Capacitive / Photoelectric sensors)
    • Identification and image processing
  • BELIMO Automation AG

    Damper actuators, with and without safety function, for air-conditioning devices and air distribution systems in railway vehicles. The damper positioning actuators specially developed for difficult utilisation conditions in railway vehicles meet the main requirements pursuant to: • EN 50155 (Electronic equipment used on rolling stock) • EN 45545 (Fire protection on railway vehicles)

  • Bombardier Transportation (Switzerland) AG


    • Electric and Diesel Locomotives
    • Electric and Diesel Multiple Units
    • Tilting Trains
    • Passenger and freight cars
    • Commuter trains
    • Light rail vehicles
    • Propulsion systems for rail vehicles
    • Refit of existing rail vehicles
    • Maintenance of rail vehicles
    • Signal and safety systems
  • Carrosserie Hess AG


    • Specialist for buses, trolleybuses, maintenance and body kits and parts
  • CE cideon engineering Schweiz AG

    Cideon Engineering offers services for all stages in the product life cycle of rail vehicles: from market assessment to conceptual design, construction, procurement, manufacturing / modernisation and commissioning including operation and maintenance. Project management:
    • Project management for new vehicle construction / conversions, also as a general contractor
    • Documentation
    • Prototyping
    • Approval (DeBo / Designated body Switzerland)
    Vehicle Technology:
    • Knowledge of all railway standards, preparation of performance requirements and specifications, feasibility studies, ensuring suitability for rail applications
    • M-ENGINEERING: Installation test, verification of strength / derailment / limitations / crash, based on the expertise of our own welding / gluing engineers and experts, design for new construction and modernisation of the entire vehicle: Body construction, interior fittings, chassis
    • E-ENGINEERING: Conceptual design in all areas of vehicle electrics, vehicle control, layout of control cabinets, cabling, schematics, lists of equipment and cables, controls for doors, air conditioning and brakes, slide protection and skid control, energy management
  • Centro di Competenza mobilità sostenibile e ferroviaria

    Competence centre sustainable mobility and railways innovation
  • Cicor Group

    Cicor is a global engineering and manufacturing partner with innovative technology solutions for the electronics industry. With about 1900 employees at ten production sites, Cicor manufactures highly complex printed circuit boards, hybrid circuits and 3D-MID solutions and offers complete electronic assembly and plastic injection molding. The Group supplies customized solutions from design to finished product for international customers.

  • Comax Industrielle Signaltechnik AG

    Electronic sound generators and warning lights for railway purposes. Application on rolling stock, at level crossings and alongside the tracks. Development of signalling devices along in accordance with the standard railway standards.
  • Confecta AG

    Als einer der führenden Anbieter von Verbindungstechnologie für Industrie und Verkehrstechnik (inkl. Tunnelbau) verfügt Confecta AG über Know-how und langjährige Erfahrung in der Entwicklung und Konfektionierung von Kabelsystemen – von der Idee bis zum Produkt, von einfachen Kabeln bis zu hochkomplexen Gesamtlösungen. Die grosse Produktevielfalt umfasst Litzen und Litzengarnituren, Einzelkabel und Kabelgruppen, elektrische und mechanische Komponenten, Spezialkabel und Kabelbäume, Baugruppen und Gesamt- systeme. Die Confecta AG ergänzt ihr breites Angebot mit technischen Produkten und Halbfabrikaten als Handelsartikel. Hochqualifizierte Mitarbeiter analysieren, beraten, entwickeln Ideen, planen und begleiten kompetent und praxisnah während des ganzen Entwicklungsprozesses. Dank modernster Technologie, vollauto- matischem Litzen- und Kabelverarbeitungscenter und prozessintegrierter Qualitätsüberwachung entstehen einzigartige Produkte und Systeme, Prototypen, Nullserien bis zur Serienproduktion.

  • Dold AG

    Manufacturing and distribution of premium water thinnable and solvent containing paints and additives for railed vehicles for new constructions and renovation.
  • DTec Solutions AG

    Railway Engineering

    We are able to develop complete products in case of software und system engineering for our customers.

    From architecture to approval, a 360° solution, for rolling stock and signalling solutions.

    All phases of product- and process cycles are possible. From Feasibility Analysis via

    • Architecture
    • Design
    • Implementation
    • Verification
    • Validation
    • RAM
    • Safety
    • Security
    • Quality Assurance
    • Assessment
    • Approval

    Since years we are a reliable partner for all system vendor, component manufactures and op-erators. We have a profound knowledge in many kinds of railway products i.e.:

    • Signalling Equipment
    • Onboard-Technology
    • Train Traffic Control and Supervision Systems
    • Vehicle Control
    • Rolling Stock Subsystems.

    Railway Security

    In the area of IT security we cover both the process and the technological aspects of systems and products, according ISO 27001 und IEC 62443.

    We offer consulting in the area of IT- and Information Security:

    • Consulting regarding ISO 27001 (Process)
      • Costumer related requirements analysis
      • Development and implementation of sector standards
      • Implementation of a reporting office to government entity (ISB)
      • Support during implementation and certification of an ISMS
    • Consulting according IEC 62443 (product)
      • Costumer related requirements analysis for products, systems and institutions
      • Budget estimation for a successful product certification
      • Project planning and project execution
      • Individual engineering support during the whole certification process
        • Secure Software Development
        • Software Test
        • Risk Analysis
  • EAO AG

    As a worldwide leading supplier to the transportation industry, EAO has strong partnerships with suppliers and manufacturers of rail rolling stock, buses and ships. We develop standard and customised products that adhere to the latest industry standards as well as ergonomical requirements for handicapped people. Key drivers in the transportation sector are reliability, quality, longevity, safety and compliance to international standards. Our pushbuttons contribute to the reliability and ergonomic design of many applications such as cockpits, driver cabs, door controls, reading lights, modern toilets, access platforms and passenger comfort controls.

  • Elkuch Bator AG

    More than 50 years of experience in the development of industrial and fire protection doors form the basis for our tunnel door systems. Our products and solutions meet the highest requirements and are suitable for use in major railway, road and metro tunnels as well as power plants. Our services extend from the planning and design of complex tunnel door systems to the installation and after sales services. Our solutions include:
    • Connecting gallery doors for rail and road tunnels
    • Crossover sliding doors
    • Emergency stop doors
    • Airlock doors
    • Cavern doors
    • Various doors and gates for technical rooms
  • Elma Electronic AG

    Your Solution Partner for

    • System Solutions
    • Backplanes
    • Enclosures & Components
    • Cabinets
    • Rotary Switches
    • Powersupplies (AC/DC, DC/DC, DC/AC)
    • Industrial & Railway Computers and Display Solutions

    Engineering and consultancy for railway vehicle and infrastructure technology for the solution of practical, theoretical, conceptual and, in particular, interdisciplinary tasks in the areas of:

    • Rolling stock: Engineering for modifications and new construction, specification, call for tenders and evaluation, development of software and equipment, energy studies, analysis and solutions of technical problems
    • Safety, RAM: Proof of safety, reliability studies, RAMS-engineering, ETCS-engineering and tests, EMC-investigation (signalling - vehicles - traction power supply - return current), measurements
    • Traction Power Supply: Concepts and dimensioning, simulations with FABEL, ZNET, SIMNET and EMFCALC, power supply studies, earthing concepts, return current arrangements and stray current protection, protection concepts, ONIR-investigation (magnetic fields), measurements
    • Organisation and Processes: Asset and Maintenance Management for vehicles and infrastructure, software-solutions and LCC-engineering, diagnostic tools, organisation of workshops
  • ErvoCom AG

    Innovative system solutions in the field of:

    • Train Radio Systems (Analog/DMR, Tetra, LTE/FRMCS)
    • Public address systems for rolling stock (VOIP & Analog)
    • Emergency intercom for rolling stock
    • Passenger information systems
    • Communication systems


    • Consulting, product evaluation, project management and logistics follow-up for power supplies and converters
    • Evaluation of specifications including design proposals and prototypes, production ramp-up and mass production of customized power supplies.
    • Handling of standard power supplies and converters for all fields of application including railways.
  • Faserplast Composites AG

    • Developing and manufacturing of structural components and modules in fibre composites for the railway vehicle industry
    • Broad engineering services like designing, fire protection certificates, structural analysis, material testing, etc.
    • Certificates: ISO 9001, IRIS, DIN 6701 A1, EN 15085-2 CL 4
  • FBT AG

    We are specialized in individual solutions in the fields of door/ramp systems for vehicles and buildings as well as in contract manufacturing. We are a reliable partner for individual and complex customer requirements, even in case of capacity bottleneck. Beside ISO 9001/14001-certification, we have the certification as per DIN 6701-2 attesting our qualification of bonding of rail vehicle components.

    • Develops, manufactures and assembles sliding doors, inwards-opening doors and outwards-opening doors for buses, railways, special vehicles (motor sport) and for the building sector
    • Production of the ramp systems :
      • TriFold : Is a modular folding ramp system with high carrying capacity and yet low weight for the application in road and rail vehicles and in buildings to overcome height differences for people with reduced mobility
      • Ecoboard :The structure allows a fast mounting in the vehicle. Thanks to the low thickness of the construction, no particular preparation on the vehicle chassis is necessary. The ramp board and trough are designed completely corrosion free.
    • Contract work in mechanical production, locksmith work, assembly, service and maintenance, painting and aluminium processing
  • Fela Management AG

  • Fränkische Cable Management AG

    • Subsidiary of Fränkische Industrial Pipes GmbH & Co. KG, Konigsberg DE
    • Worldwide production capabilities and marketing of cable protection conduits and accessories made of thermoplastic materials
    • Long-term experience and expertise in efficient cable protection made of thermoplastic material and metals
    • Specialised regarding demanding applications within industrial industries, machine building, railway and traction applications, robotics and renewable energy applications.
    • Customised solutions like splitted corrugated conduits for retrofit cable protection solutions and various products for high temperature requirements
  • Freudenberg Schwab Vibration Control AG


    • Rubber-metal components and ant vibration systems / air springs
  • FRIKE electronic AG


    • Consulting, development and production of signaling systems for railway construction sites.
    • Security lights, alarm devices and lighting systems.
    • Power management with batteries, rechargeable battery (accumulator) and UPS system (uninterrupted power supply unit) (power grid, solar, gasoline …) and the corresponding test equipment.


    • Traffic signalization and security systems.

    Air traffic:

    • Mobile runway and obstacle lighting.
  • Furka Reibbeläge AG


    • Railway cars, cable cars, cog-wheel trainsResinous and rubber linings for disc brakes, shoe-brakes and strap-brakes
    • Friction and sliding linings for equalisation-clutches, suspensions-, shock absorbers- and pressure-discs
  • Furrer+Frey AG


    Planning, design, material procurement and building of overhead contact lines for light and heavy rail, tramways and trolley bus.

    • Fully tensioned overhead contact lines for speeds up to 260 km/h
    • Semi tensioned and simple overhead contact lines
    • Overhead conductor rail, fit for speeds up to 250 km/h, space saving and for more safety in tunnels, movable for depots, loading terminals, bridges
    • Railway safety control systems for depots
    • Fully insulated overhead contact line system LIRACOS for light rail
    • Installation teams
    • Project planning software ELFF, 3D: allocation design can be established independently of the overhead contact line system adopted
    • Measuring equipment (DCM) to measure the contact wire position and the quality of the current collection
    • Hiring out of installation tools (drilling equipment, rail/road vehicles, working platforms, etc.)
    • Consulting
  • Garaventa AG

  • GESTE Engineering SA

    Engineering and consulting in

    • ERTMS, railway signalling and automation
    • Telecom and GSM-R
    • Railway interoperability
    • Safety and risk analysis, RAMS
    • Aerodynamics and ventilation
  • GGB Tristar Suisse SA

    The tribological solution provider for industrial progress, regardless of shapes or material.

  • Groupe IED SA


    IED Intelis is a company specialized in railways automation and signaling and offers the following set of benefits:

    • Feasibility studies, pre-projects and projects
    • Research missions
    • Safety studies according to EN 50126/28/29
    • Security tests
    • Experience in planning and implementation phase


    IED Intelis propose solution signaling:

    • Interlocking
    • Level crossing protection systems
    • Signaling Components
    • Operation Control Systems
    • Speed control for metro application


    IED Intelis can offer, as a supplier of facilities, turnkey solutions, in collaboration with the operator or as integrator for other companies

    • General concept, diagram, time-distance
    • Manufacturing diagrams and dossiers
    • Complex interfaces
    • Automatic control systems (ETCS, ZBMS)
    • Manufacturing, field assembly, wiring
    • Factory, operational and commissioning tests.
    • Commissioning, training
    • Monitoring
    • Preventive Maintenance
    • 24/7 Service
    • After-sales service
  • Grunder Ingenieure AG



    • IP67/68 modular heavy duty Connectors for Power, Controls, Datasignal and Bussystems, including according Cablesets.
    • Application: Datatransfer for Communication,  Motor-Powerconnectors, ………
    • Ethernet Switches complying with the needs in Transportation
    • IRIS and ISO9001 certified
    • VDE certified test laboratory
    • Applicationtraining, Engineering- and Consultingsupport
    • Globally present by more then 20 local daughter companies
  • Hasler Rail AG


    • Monitoring and recording systems TELOC to measure, record, transmit and evaluate train data
  • Helbling Technik AG


    • Transportation engineering: Project management, consulting, problem analysis, concept, design, FEA and simulation for rail bound vehicles and its subsystems or components (railway structures, bogies, interior-design)
  • HEROS Helvetic Rolling Stock GmbH


    Rent and sale of second hand rolling stock

    • diesel locomotives,  shunting locomotives
    • regional and long distance cars and coaches
    • diesel multiple units
    • additional vehicles for passenger operation and freight transportation including related services i.e. spare parts support, maintenance, engineering, financing.
  • Huber + Suhner AG

    HUBER+SUHNER products are developed for the specific requirements of the railway market. They improve safety and comfort for passengers and contribute to enhancing the attractiveness of public transport. To meet these demands, HUBER+SUHNER offers solutions based on the three technologies of radio frequency, low frequency, and fibre optics. As one of Europe‘s leading suppliers, HUBER+SUHNER offers a wide range of products which provide the platform to build modern rail vehicles. New and innovative products based on our proven technologies support you to fulfil the demanding requirements of the railway industry. The rail industry has to deliver increasing safety, reliability, energy efficiency and comfort. In addition, more on-board services are being installed for the traveller such as information and internet access services.

    Products are used in:

    Traction/control systems, Train safety systems, Inter-vehicle cable systems, In-carriage subsystems, Wireless access, GSM-R, Wireless LAN systems and Trackside infrastructure

    Low frequency products:

    Our high performance RADOX traction cables are designed to be smaller and lighter than conventional cables coupled with safety features to protect the passenger.

    Radio frequency products:

    We supply antennas which cover all communication standards between 380 MHz and 6 GHz. As a solution provider, the company supplies all the necessary radio frequency components.

    Fibre Optic products:

    Optical Fibres feature intrinsic immunity against electromagnetic interference and voltage peaks, a significant advantage for reliable data transmission on railway vehicles.

    HUBER+SUHNER is certified according to ISO9001,ISO14001,ISO/TS16949 and IRIS.

  • IGRALUB AG für Schmiertechnik


    Specialist for solid lubricants and lubrication systems, in particular for:

    • Wheel flange and rail head lubrication
    • Bogies and bolts for rail vehicles
    • Brake linkages, disk and drum brakes
    • Open gearings; gear-rack lubrication
    • Buffers, couplings and draft gears
    • Track switches
    • Hoists and cables; conveying chains and belts; escalators
  • ILF Beratende Ingenieure AG

  • Infratech AG


    „Our business is railway networks!“

    • Rail Contact Clamps
    • Grounding fittings and cables
    • Cable fastenings
    • Suspension System for Radiating Cables in Tunnels
    • Rail Attachment Boxes
    • Catenary and Insulation Products
    • Track return current and grounding
    • Electrical insulations
    • Special installations
    • Staff hire
    • Machine park
  • Kistler Instrumente AG

  • Klüber Lubrication AG (Schweiz)

    High-quality speciality lubricants for rail applications Increase the reliability of trains and infrastructure and reduce costs

    With Klüber Lubrication speciality lubricants, you make sure the complex interaction of trains and infrastructure is kept running. The right lubricant will reduce operating costs reliably and efficiently by ensuring the correct lubrication of bogie components, doors and points.

    Lubricants play an important part in maintaining and repairing railroad components. To ensure that trains and rails work reliably under all weather conditions, equipment like wheelset bearings, traction motors or brakes and the entire railway infrastructure must be maintained in optimum condition. By using lubricants made by Klüber Lubrication, you can meet all those challenges. Speciality lubricants made by Klüber Lubrication have been adapted to the requirements of rail industry users for more than 80 years. The experts from Klüber Lubrication analyse the lubrication requirements of the components together with the user and take the defined specifications as a basis for developing tailor-made lubricants.

  • Knorr-Bremse Rail Systems Schweiz AG

    • Pneumatic, electro pneumatic, electro hydraulic, microprocessor controlled brake systems for all kind of rail bound rolling stock,Compressors for railway application, microprocessor controlled wheel slip protection
  • Krebs Gleisbau AG Bern

    Our main focus covers the construction of infrastructure, in particular the complete renewal of tracks and switch points, maintenance and surveying work on the track structure as well as the execution of all tamping work
    • Project planning and the refurbishment of track systems
    • Laying, extending, maintaining track systems
    • Mobile crew & RV
    • Bolt hole refurbishment
    • Two-way excavator with various attachments
    • Provision of cranes with 80 & 130 tons load capacity
    • Heavy construction machines for lining and tamping tracks & switch points with cutting-edge tamping technology
    • Heavy construction machines for ballast profiling, consolidation and stabilisation work
    • Digital track surveying with EM SAT track survey car
      • also with GPS
      • measurement of ballast profile and calculation of required quantity
    • Surveying, staking, calculation & documentation of track systems
  • Kummler+Matter AG


    Overhead contact systems for trolleybus, tramway, light- and heavy rail

    Engineering and installation
    • Engineering / planning of overhead contact systems
    • Installation of overhead contact systems
    • erection supervision
    • Design, production and delivery of overhead contact systems components
    • Catenary systems
    • trolleybus and tramway systems
    • insulators
    • clamps
    • current collection systems
    • De-icing system for overhead contact wires
    • Development and production of own overhead contact line material
    • Commissioning and complete assembly of overhead contact line systems
    • Cable systems/ Railway electrification systems
    • Track illuminations
    • Substations: Planning, construction, maintenance
    • Overhead power lines: Planning, construction, maintenance
  • Lantal Textiles AG

  • Leica Geosystems AG

    With the company headquarters in Heerbrugg, Switzerland, Leica Geosystems is a global company with employees all over the world. Leica Geosystems is part of Hexagon (Nasdaq Stockholm: HEXA B), a leading global provider of information technologies that drive quality and productivity improvements across geospatial and industrial enterprise applications. The company portfolio covers a wide array of solutions, from the world’s first self-learning total stations for surveying to mobile mapping platforms for customers all over the world. From a single provider, Leica Geosystems offers professionals the hardware and software to capture reality, visualise digital realities and analyse geospatial data. The following is an excerpt of our products and our fields of application:
    • Agriculture, Aerial Sensors, Management Systems
    • Airborne Systems, Machine Control Systems
    • GIS Data Collection and Management
    • GNSS/GPS Systems, GNSS Reference Networks, Levels
    • Construction Total Stations & GNSS, Detection Systems
    • Total Stations (robotic and manual), Laser Scanners, Laser Tracker Systems
    • Mobile Sensor Platforms (Pegasus:Two, Pegasus:Backpack, SiTrack:One, ProScan) and Software Solutions (Leica Pegasus:MapFactory, SiRail Suite, SiRoad Suite, ATrack Suite) for street and railway
    Leica Geosystems customers realise productivity gains, time savings and increased profitability. Bringing faster guiding, easier positioning and more detailed visualisation, professionals in various industries experience real benefits from the company’s innovation and dedication to advanced technology solutions.
  • Matisa Matériel Industriel SA


    • Machines for railway track construction, renewal and maintenanceTrack renewal and construction trains, ballast cleaners, tamping machines, ballast regulators, measuring cars, analyser, service vehicles
  • Molinari Rail AG


    • CONSULTING: Railway Transportation Systems, Project Management, Market Analysis
    • ENGINEERING: Engineering Performances, Modernisation / Upgrading, Integration
    • MANUFACTURING & TECHNOLOGY: Manufacturing technology, Manufacturing Capabilities
    • SERVICE: Fleet Management, Maintenance, Technical Controls

    Integrated solutions for bogie workshops

    Whether it is for Manufacturer or for the maintenance

    You have the bogie – we have the solution for maintaining and testing the bogie and its most important components. Nencki Railway Technology:

    • offers individual machines such as:
      • Bogie test stands NBT
      • Spring test stands NST
      • Damper test stands NDT
    • creates entire workshop concepts: «You inform us, which type of bogie is used, and we develop with you, solutions for the modern bogie testing and maintenance.»
    • Provides solutions for lifting, changing, disassembling and reassembling bogies. For stationary plants for long welded rails we can either provide single machines or with partners a complete flash-butt welding line.
    • Rail brushing machine NRB
    • Rail grinding machine
    • 4-Way straightening machine NRS-4
    • Weld test press NRT

    Thanks to local distribution partners being active in the most important railway and mass transit markets as well as with our Nencki after sales service hubs, we can guarantee a high availability of our machines.

    There is a wide spectrum, which can be supplemented in collaboration with partner companies.


  • Niedax EBO Schweiz AG

    • Cable tray systems for Railways, Metros, Tram, Infrastructure, etc.
    • Specialized in tunnel equipment (function integrity)Aluminium, steel, Glass Fiber, etc.
    • Customized constructions and Supports

    25 years of experience make NOSE one of the leading industrial design agencies in Switzerland, with transportation design being a focus area of our more than 20 specialists. The design of trains, busses and airplanes has a direct impact on how travelling with them is experienced. Thus, with our design work not only resulting in aesthetically pleasing products, but also enhancing their palpable functionality and ease of implementation into production, we can satisfy our customers time and again.


    • Electric connecting material: terminal blocks, multiple plugs and socket connectors, special designs for railways, compression type terminals and connectors for low and high voltage with installation tooling
    • SUB-D plugs of Mikas S2 control system in vehicles
    • Electrical permanent contact for rail web and similar
  • Parametric GmbH

    Parametric is a full service solution provider for infrastructure and transport digitization. Our platform-based turn-key solutions are delivered, installed, and operated by us as needed. A modern product lifecycle management software, secure remote access to the systems and a standard interface for device configuration and monitoring complete the offer.

    • Wireless / LPWAN Routers and Edge Computers
    • Intelligent information screens (all sizes)
    • LPWAN Passenger and Vehicle Counters and Interface Converter
    • Reception, generation and display of passenger information
    • Video streaming (uplink / downlink)
    • In Vehicle Infrastructure monitoring (e. g. train toilets) using LPWAN
    • Secure Remote Train Access for maintenance
    • Visitor and passenger frequency counting, visitor flow measurement with radar
    • Optimization of air conditioning systems in vehicles through high-precision weather data
    • Requirements and risk management / overall project management
    • Hardware and software engineering / prototype construction
    • Certification
    • Installation and service
  • Peko AG

    Since 1981 partner of companies from Industry, Railway technology, Environmental Engineering and Power Generation business.

    We offer Personnel Services in various forms :

    • Employee lending
    • Temporary personnel
    • Permanent placements
    • Payrolling

    In the area of « Railway technology & Mobility » we are specialized in:

    • System installation in rolling stock (e.g. ETCS, Customer Information System)
    • Electrification of rolling stock
    • Commissioning of vehicles
    • Retrofits and modernization
    • Maintennance
    • First Level Support & Service
    • Guarantee Warranty management & recalls for replacement
    • Pre-assembly and modifications of components in own workshop and track hall (120 m track with a pit)
  • Phoenix Contact AG

    With six product lines, Phoenix Contact offers an innovative portfolio of industrial electro-technology: Best connections from the sensor to the controller. From the classical modular terminal block to splash-proof machine connectors to the wireless Ethernet, Phoenix Contact provides innovations which do more than our customers expect.

  • Pilz Industrieelektronik GmbH

    Being in the right place at the right time – that is the principle that governs rail operations every day for millions of passengers and the huge quantities of cargo transported by freight train. Finding economical solutions to rail traffic is therefore very important. The extensive rail network must be controlled and monitored safely. And there’sthe safety of the trains themselves to guarantee. As the technology leader for safe automation, Pilz gives you access to economical, internationally certified, tried-and-tested safety solutions with rail-approved technologies. Profit from our experience in machine safety – we’ll get you safely to your destination. Pilz solutions offer:
    • Safety at the station, on the platform and in the marshalling yard
    • Safe and economical design of infrastructure facilities
    • Safety for rail vehicles
    • Upgrading, modernisation and optimisation of rail traffic


    • Development, manufacture and sales of PC-based visualization equipment with and without software, for use in toughest environments. Based on components developed in-house, our displays are used on mobile and stationary platforms in the field of railways. Applications include ETCS diagnostics, controls and data loggers.
  • Plica AG

  • Pöyry Schweiz AG

    Pöyry is an international consulting and engineering company. We serve clients globally across the energy and industrial sectors and provide local services in our core markets. We deliver management consulting and engineering services, underpinned by strong project implementation capability and expertise. Our focus sectors are power generation, transmission & distribution, forest industry, chemicals & biorefining, mining & metals, transportation and water. Pöyry has an extensive local office network employing about 6,000 experts.

    Pöyry Schweiz AG ist mit über 700 Generalisten und Spezialisten an den Standorten Zürich, Bellinzona, Bern, Chur, Rotkreuz und Vevey vertreten.

    Our core competences are in the following areas: Transport, Environment, Buildings, Underground Civil Structures, Hydropower & Renewable Energy and Thermal Power.


    PROSE was founded in 1982 and is an independently owned mobility solutions provider serving global customers with offices in Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, Italy and Denmark. With more than 200 dedicated, experienced employees, we solve our customers’ global mobility challenges, wherever you need us. Our customers - manufacturers, operators, authorities and maintainers -trust us to deliver total solutions to complex challenges. These solutions often bring several of our services to bear. Our deep understanding of our customer’s business lets us provide high-quality, cost-effective A-Z engineering solutions. PROSE is employee-owned. This let us guarantee neutral and independent engineering services and consultancy.
  • Rauscher & Stoecklin AG


    • Load break switches
    • Isolators
    • Transformers
  • Rex Articoli Tecnici SA


    • Rubber, rubber to metal and rubber to plastic mouldings. Antivibrating components. Rubber springs. Internal production of rubber compounds. Multi-material injection moulding. Internal mould production.
    • Antivibration and isolation systems. Ballast free track elements.
    • Rubber level crossing SWISSCROSS
  • Richard AG

    Development, production and sales of disconnecting switch, system switch, vacuum circuit breaker, key interlocking systems, insulators and pantographs for locomotives,trains and tramways.

  • Ruf Telematik AG


    • Dynamic passenger information systems for railway carriers
    • Real-time information systems for railway passengers
    • Multimedia passenger interior displays and acoustic announcements
    • Stationary video surveillance systems (departure platforms)
    • Mobile video surveillance systems (railed vehicles)
    • General contractor: project management, development, installation and maintenance
  • Sadamel Ticketing Systems


    • Ticket vending machines, ticket printing systems and ticketing systems
  • Sauter Bachmann AG

    Since 1922 we are a manufacturer of precision gears, high performance gearboxes and complex transmission systems of the highest quality. All our processes fulfil international relevant certification standards, both as aerospace and industry.

    We produce:
    • Spur gears
    • Spiral bevel gears
    • Worm shafts
    • Worm wheels
    • Hirth – couplings
    • Racks
  • Schweizer Electronic AG


    Safety of persons and equipment on operated rail tracks

    • Track Warning Systems
    • Mobile Warning Systems
    • Permanent Warning Systems
    • Level Crossings
    • SIL 3 / SIL 4 customer-specific railway automation systems
    • Superordinate Diagnostic System
    • Radio Remote Control Systems for locomotives
    • Radio Data Transmission Systems

    • Accredited conformity assessment body and inspection body in the field of the railways
    • Notified Body (NoBo) Interoperability (No. 1991) in the field of the railway
    • Designated Body in the field of the railway in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and the United Kingdom
    • Accredited Certification Body for Entities in Charge of Maintenance (ECM) and workshops
    • Independent safety assessments and inspections
  • Sécheron SA

    The main businesses are:

    • Sécheron is specialized in the design, the development, the manufacturing and the marketing of electromechanical and electronic components and systems for electric traction equipment (rolling stock or fixed installation) used on different railways, metros and tramways
    • Power supply DC traction substations
  • Sefag Components AG

    Sefag Components AG develops and produces specialized connecting components for electrical systems that ensure trouble-free, long-lasting power transmission. Since 1957, the Sefag name has stood for quick, tailor-made solutions to any connection problem.

    Whether in tight spaces in mechanical and plant engineering, in motion in automotive engineering or under heavy physical and electrical load in energy distribution – our components and systems come into their own when power has to be transmitted in difficult conditions.

    Our customers appreciate the quality of our products, not to mention our flexibility and reliability. They benefit from comprehensive consultation and support, starting with the joint conception and planning of a connecting element. Thanks to a wide range of possibilities in combining various components into individual assemblies, we can find the right solution to any challenge – even under tight schedules.

    In addition to engineering, our core skills also include the production of these specialized components, particularly welding and joining technology. We process, coat and connect aluminum, copper and other metals. This is where our decades of experience really pay off. Sefag Components AG thus stands for tailor-made, long-lasting connecting components in outstanding Swiss quality.

  • Selectron Systems AG


    • Management systems for track vehicles from single controller modules up to complete solutions including system engineering

    When it comes to analysing, planning and implementing cost-efficient individual solutions and packages for rail infrastructure, we are a competent partner to public and private railway companies alike. Our comprehensive services for the rail system enable us to respond rapidly and flexibly to ever-changing requirements in new construction, renewal and maintenance. Our services also include driver training, vehicle maintenance management, logistics and personnel leasing.

    Our wide range of services are the work of our dedicated employees as well as state-of-the-art machine technology that our engineers helped to develop. Services

    • Electrical installations
    • Driver training
    • Complete switch point renewal
    • Track maintenance
    • Maintenance management
    • Innovations
    • Secondment of personnel
    • Rhomberg Sersa Technology
    • Rail welding
    • Track surveying systems
    • Logistics
  • Siemens Mobility AG

  • Simatex AG

  • SMA und Partner AG


    • Demand and market studies, conceptional planning for Railways and Urban Transport Systems, including infrastructure, rolling stock signalling systems, cost-benefit-analysis, return of invest studies, computer-aided railway simulation of complex line and station layouts
  • Spring AG

  • Stadler Rail AG

    • regional trains with electric and diesel electric traction
    • rack railway trains
    • passenger coaches and driving trailers
    • electric and diesel-electric locomotives
    • bogies
    • renovation and upgrading mechanically and electrically
  • Supercomputing Systems AG

    Development of

    • Hardware
    • Software
    • Firmware
    • with high requirements for availability, reliability and safety. For instance, computer vision, FPGAs, data analytics, ticketing systems.



    • Journey data recording / Vehicle control- and Tacho system TRAS
  • Syslogic Datentechnik AG

    Syslogic supplies industrial computers and touch panel PCs for demanding industrial use. These are used in areas such as train and traffic technology as well as machining and automotive engineering. The company has its own development team, construction and two manufacturing sites with in-house SMD assembly. This in-house manufacturing, connected with over 30 years of experience in the railway market, makes Syslogic a reliable partner.

  • TBF + Partner AG


    • Consulting, planning, design, construction supervision and project management for railway engineering projects.
  • Telematix AG



    Technical faults, cancelled trains, delays: when things get hectic at railway stations, keeping calm is essential. And that’s only possible if you’re able to rely on a stable telecommunication system for your operations... A system such as NIS Rail from Trans Data Management AG (Ascom).

    Built-in features and third-party integration:

    • Role and user management
    • GSM-R interoperability
    • Radio integration
    • Built-in call recording
    • Control of third-party systems
    • Video surveillance control
    • Centralized configuration and monitoring tools
    • Stationary passenger information systems


  • Telma AG

    Optical warning system for indication of dangerous voltages and improvement of workplace safety in trains and urban transit systems.

    • LED light-ropes
    • LED warning lights 750VDC
    • LED floor lights
    • Mobile warning pillars
    • LED signal lights

    Consultancy, development and manufacture of electronic controls and components (both software and hardware) for trains and train-builders.

    • New vehicles
    • Retrofit projects
    • Fleet modernisation
  • Thales Rail Signalling Solutions AG

    Thales Rail Signalling Solutions is a global leader in rail control and safety technology, offering complete solutions for main line and urban rail networks. Thales’ solutions and systems include electronic interlockings, train control systems and network management. Thales’ technologies guarantee the safe, reliable and economical transportation of passengers and cargo.

  • Tibram AG

    Earth brushes for bogies

  • TÜV SÜD Schweiz AG / SIGNON Schweiz AG


    Engineering-Partner for Electrical Railway Systems and technology with Know-how and Competence in Consulting, Planning, Engineering and Management Services for the following parts:

    • Rail Energy Supply Systems Network calculation, Simulations with ELBAS-Tools, like WEBANET, SINANET, ELEFEB/IMAFEB, Load-flow calculations, Earthing concepts and Feeder current estimation, leak current simulation, Current protection concepts and EMI-Research (Magnetic field simulation), Measurement, Expertise on TSI-Interoperability
    • Overhead Contact Lines Dimensioning and calculations of Catenaries and third rail systems, Simulation and Calculation with ELFF-CAD, ELFF-CAM, ELFF-CAP und ELFF-CAT, Mechanical and Thermal , Structural Engineering, SCADA systems
    • Vehicle Traction technology systems Vehicle Engineering of Electrical Traction components and system engineering,  Product specifications, Expertise, Support on Tender specifications, Energy optimized Design, EMI-calculations for the complete Railway system
    • Rail Signaling Systems Analyzing of existing Security systems, Consulting and Engineering of Relay and Electronically control units  and signaling system components, cabling systems, track-current research systems, ETCS-Applications, RAMS-Engineering, Quality and Approval verification, Expertise und Security specifications, SCADA-System configurations
  • Vigier Rail AG

    Concrete sleepers for different gauges for ballasted track or slab track as well as additional concrete products.

  • Wagner Schweiz AG

    The WAGNER Group GmbH has been developing and producing technical fire protection systems since 1976 and has established itself internationally as an innovative provider of solutions and systems. WAGNER is a global technology leader in the field of fire detection and fire prevention and covers the complete service portfolio for its customers from planning and design to system construction and service. The product range is based on four system focal points: Fire Detection (TITANUS®), Fire Prevention (OxyReduct®), Fire Extinguishing (FirExting®) and Risk Management (VisuLAN®).
  • Walter Mäder AG


    • Important paint manufacturer for industrial coatings with specialised water borne paint systems for rolling stock.
  • Zoppas Switzerland


    • We are developing reliable heating systems for rail vehicles in cooperation with engineers and designers of domestic and foreign railway manufacturers
    • All shown vehicles are or will be equipped with heaters by Prang+Partner AG
    • We are the system supplier for sand pipe heaters for Knorr brakes.
    • Heaters for the driver‘s cab, the floor, side walls, sliding steps, step irons, water tanks or toilets are just a few examples of possible applications in the railway vehicle market
    • The high economic standards of modern transportation companies require flexibility
  • Zühlke Engineering AG